Mission Statement

Nianda (SL) Ltd philosophy is that we are not in possession of the land from which our seeds sprung but rather are its stewards. In all our activities we will show reverence to Mother Nature and “the natural order at all times. Nianda is the sole distributor for Hazera Seeds and Money Maker Pump in Sierra Leone. Vegetables are considered to be a major ingredient of the everyday cooking in Sierra Leone and will remain so, into the foreseeable future. Vegetable production can make a vital contribution towards the reduction of food insecurity and poverty in the country, and its economy.


Specifically, Nianda will: Set’s up demonstration farms to show farmers how our seeds are grown. Provide our farmers with the highest-quality of certified seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and irrigation equipment. The farmers will be provided agronomical support from the time the seed is sowed to harvesting. Will help companies setup out growers schemes as part of their corporate social responsibility.