Nianda Agriculture is an indigenous company in Sierra Leone, with goals of agricultural inputs with distribution outlets all over Sierra Leone. The aim of the company is to provide its customers with high quality certified seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and farm tools at affordable prices.


Focus on the Grower Growers are at the heart of everything we do. Our agronomist will actively engage growers to evaluate their needs, assisting with variety selection and providing guidance and support throughout the entire crop cycle. This hands-on approach adds extra value for growers, helping them to maximize crop potentials with minimum inputs leading to longer term prosperity. We chose to sell The Hazera seeds because the company strives to be a first-choice supplier in its core markets by providing high quality products and excellent service to its customers. The “Hazera” company is aware that its success is created by supplying customers with products and services that meet their needs. They guarantee almost 90% germination on all the seeds they sell. The company focus on producing and selling seeds that carry high potential for our customers. In order to ensure the quality of the seeds, we aim to apply high industry acceptable standards in all our activities. We are applying high standards of quality, safety and environmental care to our business processes and activities. In order to achieve this vision, our quality, safety and environmental care system is constantly evolving. Other major strengths will be our demonstrations farms and having open field days for the farmers to come to the farms get a feel of the crops and ask our agronomist questions about the vegetable seeds we sell. Despite the high performing varieties and high quality seeds, pest and diseases remain a threat. Our agronomist will be trained to use the Hazera App which helps growers to stay alert, recognize irregularities early and take appropriate action if needed. This is a valuable tool for success. The app will help in detecting fungi, bacterial diseases, foliar, storage and viral diseases, nematodes, insects and non-parasitic disorders which comes. with pictures, and practical recommendations for the growers. Finally, it’s our goal to introduce new products each year, always looking to improve product quality for the consumer and agronomic characteristics for the grower.

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